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Art Rosenbaum's Old Time Banjo Book

In the mid-1970s when I started Kicking Mule Records my aim was to produce a series of acoustic fingerstyle guitar albums. But the first project we released was a five string banjo album by Art Rosenbaum. Art was, and still is, a musical hero of mine. He is a well known artist but also a musician's musician. He perspires creativity! He plays fiddle and guitar but his real speciality is old time five string banjo. Art is also well known for his field recordings done throughout the South - discovering and recording musicians both white and black. While growing up in Indianapolis he rediscovered Scrapper Blackwell as well as finding Guitar Pete Franklin. Art showed me how to play Tommy Johnson's Canned Heat!

I am so happy to be involved with Art's new project. This is a detailed 112 page book that comes with 2 DVDs (total of 240 minutes running time) that explores forty-seven old-time banjo tunings and picking styles. Obviously this is aimed at banjo pickers but guitar players will also profit and enjoy the many ideas explored in this project. Click here for more details and enjoy!