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Somebody’s Been Playing With That Thing - Ragtime Blues Guitar

  • Somebody’s Been Playing With That Thing - Ragtime Blues Guitar
    Hard Copy    $24.95  Item Number:  30779

    Compiled by: Stefan Grossman Publisher: Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop

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    This book presents three of the greatest ragtime blues guitar players from the 1920s-1940s. They all possessed what Rev. Gary Davis called that sportin’ right hand. Each could sing the blues or play a dance instrumental. They favored first position chords but produced incredible textures and rhythms from these easy left hand fingerings. There is years of exciting fingerpicking challenges in these pages. But what fun it will be once you can play these tunes.

    Titles and artists included are:

    BIG BILL BROONZY Big Bill Blues • At the Break of Day • Friendless Blues • Shuffle Rag • Worrying You Off My Mind • Bull Cow Blues • Five Feet Five

    BLIND BLAKE Georgia Bound • Back Biting Bee Blues • Cold Hearted Mama Blues • Ice Man Blues • Righteous Blues • Tootie Blues • Rope Stretchin’ Blues • Sea Board Stomp • Walkin’ Across The Country • What A Lowdown Place The Jailhouse Is

    BLIND BOY FULLER Baby, I Don’t Have To Worry • Careless Love • Georgia Ham Mama • Keep Away From My Woman • Somebody’s Been Playing With That Thing • Why Don’t My Baby Write To Me • (I Got A Woman Crazy For Me) She’s Funny That Way • Jivin’ Woman Blues

    1) Listen over and over to the original recordings available via the download link for this collection.
    2) Get a program that can control digital audio files. Use this with the transcriptions and the recordings.
    3) Be patient!! Practice, practice and practice some more!!

    Level 3 • 119 pages • Download Audio Files


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