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Fingerpicking Blues Guitar in the Key of C

  • Taught by: Stefan Grossman
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    Fingerpicking Blues Guitar in the Key of C

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    I love fingerpicking blues in the key of C. Blind Blake, Big Bill Broonzy, Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Mance Lipscomb and Tommy McClennan all favored this key. All approached their playing from different angles and perspectives. Mississippi John Hurt had a happy sounding alternating bass style. Big Bill Broonzy combined a driving bass technique. Blind Blake's 'sportin' right hand' would stumble his bass alongside quick single string licks and his piano sounding guitar. Rev. Gary Davis had several techniques playing in C. His most unique was using an alternating bass that never played the root C note. In other arrangements his playing took Blind Blake's ideas and explored them with complex bass movements, rhythmic licks and quick single string runs. And then there's Tommy McClennan and his heavy rhythmic right hand.

    These legendary blues guitarists all played out of first position chords using different right hand approaches and touch. How amazing that there were so many different sounds produced. So many, that I found it necessary to expand this lesson to two DVDs running close to four hours of instruction in all.

    Each tune is taught phrase by phrase and played slowly on a split-screen. A detailed tab/musicbooklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD. As well, the original old recordings are included in the Bonus Audio section.

    Titles and topics include: Cocaine Habit Blues, People That I Use To See, Can't See No More, Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight, You Are My Sunshine, Tryin' To Get Home, You're Gonna Quit Me, Love With A Feeling, Troubles, You May Leave, Taking Your Place, At The Break Of Day, Turn Arounds in C and Searching the Fingerboard

    227 minutes - Level 2/3 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

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