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Jazz Manouche - Gypsy Jazz Guitar

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    Jazz Manouche - Gypsy Jazz Guitar

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    This is a very unique lesson. Fernando Perez has composed an instrumental titled Jazz Manouche that encompasses many techniques found in the playing of Gypsy Jazz Guitar. Besides teaching you how to play this exciting instrumental Fernando will explain how to understand this style of music in order to create your own compositions in this style. You will learn:

    • Different techniques, i.e such as playing "abanico" - a flamenco technique very useful for fingerstyle guitar
    • Playing ornaments on arpeggios
    • Fingerpicking with your index, middle and ring fingers
    • Strumming a perfect groove for Jazz Manouche
    • Strum variations 
    • Breaking down bass lines, chords and melodies in order to know how they work
    • Positions for harmonic movements

    78 minutes - Level 3 - Detailed tab/music PDF booklet on the DVD

    Review: "Jazz Manouche" is the international codename for gypsy jazz guitar, the preposterously invigorating stimulant which began bubbling off strings during the Hot Club de France era of the 1930s. And then there is "Jazz Manouche" - the modern-day tribute - which bubbles off strings as an original instrumental showpiece that nutshells the genre's frenetic personality. Both incarnations receive step-by-step guidance over the course of this DVD's 78 instructional minutes. Composed, performed and taught by six-string enthusiast Fernando Perez, his magnum opus is an incredibly dynamic and excitingly schizophrenic encyclopedia of manouche techniques, a place where speed and volume stand on equal footing with drive and drama. So multifaceted is the song that an improvisational stretch even detours down a series of solos sequentially mimicking a jazz band's rotation from percussive drums to bubbling bass to, of course, guitar, which warms from cool Wes Montgomery octaves. Conveying dazzling powers with slow-mo split-screen backup, Perez's all-in-one lesson imparts mastery of the "jumping thumb" and the "terrifying chord" to arpeggios and "abanico", the florid flamenco trick of fanning strings. So not only do you get your Django on here, but your inner Paco de Lucia as well. A ganache of manouche is a surefire way to zap "WOW!" into any repertoire. - Dennis Rozanski/BluesRag



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