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Hot Licks, Rhythms and Grooves

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    Hot Licks, Rhythms and Grooves

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    Buster had this to say about Hot Licks, Rhythms & Grooves: "This video is a journey through 30 years of my musical life. I touch on many different styles and approaches to playing lead and rhythm guitar. My goal as a player is to expand these perimeters and express what I feel musically. My goal as a teacher is to present this in such a manner that you can absorb it, play it and then use the ideas and take them to new places. I hope you find this musical adventure to be as enjoyable for you to learn from as it was for me to make."

    In this DVD lesson, Buster B. Jones explains the secrets behind his playing. You will learn a series of hot licks that will burn your fingers and grooves and rhythms that will have your feet tapping and listeners dancing.

    64 minutes - Level 4 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Another great DVD by Buster B. Jones! All of Buster's DVDs were excellent for the Fingerstyle Guitar Player, no matter whether you're a Beginner of a Seasoned Pro. His teaching methods were excellent and easy to understand. A must have for any Guitarist! - pcdoctor/Amazon Customer Review

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